I'm a big girl now!

Hi!!  I am getting veeeery big and veeeery fast and veeeery smart!  Here's what I've been up to!

Now I'm 8 months old and I can crawl, pull up on just about anything, wave, say "heeeeeeeeee" which means "hi," and I'm getting in to eeeeverything!  Also, I have 4 teeth that seem to be coming in at the same time.  Ouch!  A couple weeks ago we went to the Chaffee Zoo with my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris and my cousins, Connor, Kelsey and Madelyn!  We had so much fun and I really loved the flamingos!

Me and Mommy fed the giraffes

I love my family!

And I love my Becker Family!

When I have to take a nap, I get really excited because I can stand up.  Only problem is, I don't know how to get down!  So one day I wound up having an interesting nappy....

My Mommy and Daddy took me to the Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park.  It was beautiful!

I'm such an angel!  Check out my sprout, pretty cute, huh!

My Daddy being GQ

No wonder I'm so cute!

My Mommy is a goofball

Bye Bye for now!

Check out my wave action!  Mommy and Daddy are trying to catch me saying hi but I get too excited when I see a camera.

Here is some vid of me smoochin on my Daddy!


Here Comes Trouble...

Took K to the park yesterday, she LOVED the swing!  (PS I know she's too little but I couldn't resist so I was veeeery careful!!)



Catching up on Holidays '09-'10!

We went and visited my Uncle Henry and Aunt Connie, it was actually the first time Casey had met them!  Such a wonderful time and so great for them to meet Miley and Kiara!

My mama, my sister, my daughter! (My sister is so beautiful!)
Look at this hottie!

Pop and Aunt Connie...Cullen Fam!!

Off to SD for Kiara's 1st Christmas!!!

Grandma June's- Kiara looks so serious haha!

Grandma Be's- now that's more like it!

Wouldn't be a party w/out "Casey's Closeups"

I can't even believe it!  LOOK at this cutie opening (aka eating) her first gift from SANTA!

Christmas in San Diego=tank tops and t-shirts
Kiara's Sundance battle wound
Cas and Mel
The folks!
Good ol' fashioned Chargers Christmas!!  Ahhhww..Chargers I hate to love you.
Mich and baby Avery!

Family @ Carlsbad!

For New Years, Colin, Stacey, Eli and Baby Miller (still in mommy's tummy) came to play!  Eli is Kiara's future husband.  It's just a done deal.  He brought her flowers and gave her a kiss.  He is SOOOOO adorable!
Kinda blurry but if you're looking for a good, addictive board game, check out Settlers of Catan.  Haha!  SO fun.

THen back to Grammie and Pop's for a little post-Christmas present time!
Hope you all had a great season, on to 2010!!!!


Casey's THIRTY!!! Kiara's 1/2!!!

Well this has been quite the...ahem...last 6 weeks or so!  I must keep up on my blogging, if Kiara would just take a nap it would really help haha!  Here are a couple pics from Thanksgiving...

Kiara is sitting up just great now!  Every once in a while she will fall and bonk her head but for the most part it is great, she will just sit and play with whatever's around her! (especially if it is not a toy but rather some sort of random item like a funnel or a shoe.)
Casey turned 30!!!  I had a surprise party for him at a local pizzeria and boy was he SURPRISED!!!  I made him a great slideshow and will post it after Christmas (I have to figure out how to cut it in two to get it on youtube or something because it is extremely long hahaha)
We got our Christmas tree which was an adventure as Casey was still on crutches.  He had torn some ligaments in his ankle playing basketball and got his cast off the day before his party!  Kiara was not too happy about getting a Christmas tree but we caught her in a good mood here!

I decided to make our own Christmas cards and took some pictures of this little Santa baby...she was in the best mood when I was snapping photos and they all turned out sooo cute I couldn't decide what to choose!!And here is the finished product!  I think it came out pretty cute...family, act surprised when you get it!!

Kiara turned 6 months and we fed her some peas last night.  She did pretty good, kind of indifferent to the actual pea taste it seemed like, but after about 10 bites she got confused on how to swallow and started gagging.  Even if we held the spoon up close to her she started to gag in anticipation!  We got it on video so I will have to put that along with Casey's surprise party reaction up on the site for all to see, I just have to get him to show me how to hook up the vid camera.  We got her six month shots and she weighs 13 lbs 11 ounces, still at 10% for weight, she's little like her mama!  25" long, 17"head (because you care haha).  She absolutely destroyed the paper on the table at the dr's office.  When we left it looked like hurricane Kiara came through.  I think we know what we are getting her for Christmas...shhh haha!