Clovis Shower

While Casey was in San Diego last weekend meeting our gorgeous new niece Avery, my mom and sister threw a BEAUTIFUL shower for me and Kiara, I'll never forget it! So many people traveled to come be a part of our special day and I was just overwhelmed with everyone's love and generosity! The theme of the shower was "Sweet Pea" and let me tell you it was absolutely adorable! My mom even made a huge felt pea pod and filled it with limes for one of the games, guess how many peas in the pod. We played a price-is-right-esque "higher or lower" (complete with pickles and ice cream) and had Mexican food and Oakie Cake (can't get much better than that!) Thanks everyone for an incredible weekend, it was so much fun!

30.5 weeks
J-Ro Fo Sho, Koss, and Miss Miley
Dana, Lily and Miss AddieMich and our bellies!
Jeanine's beautiful girl JuliaHigher, or Lower Mama?Beautiful girls, Stephy and Kristy

Lorena and Sweet Daughter Leah
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