Here Comes Trouble...

Took K to the park yesterday, she LOVED the swing!  (PS I know she's too little but I couldn't resist so I was veeeery careful!!)



Catching up on Holidays '09-'10!

We went and visited my Uncle Henry and Aunt Connie, it was actually the first time Casey had met them!  Such a wonderful time and so great for them to meet Miley and Kiara!

My mama, my sister, my daughter! (My sister is so beautiful!)
Look at this hottie!

Pop and Aunt Connie...Cullen Fam!!

Off to SD for Kiara's 1st Christmas!!!

Grandma June's- Kiara looks so serious haha!

Grandma Be's- now that's more like it!

Wouldn't be a party w/out "Casey's Closeups"

I can't even believe it!  LOOK at this cutie opening (aka eating) her first gift from SANTA!

Christmas in San Diego=tank tops and t-shirts
Kiara's Sundance battle wound
Cas and Mel
The folks!
Good ol' fashioned Chargers Christmas!!  Ahhhww..Chargers I hate to love you.
Mich and baby Avery!

Family @ Carlsbad!

For New Years, Colin, Stacey, Eli and Baby Miller (still in mommy's tummy) came to play!  Eli is Kiara's future husband.  It's just a done deal.  He brought her flowers and gave her a kiss.  He is SOOOOO adorable!
Kinda blurry but if you're looking for a good, addictive board game, check out Settlers of Catan.  Haha!  SO fun.

THen back to Grammie and Pop's for a little post-Christmas present time!
Hope you all had a great season, on to 2010!!!!