Lotsa Pics...Catching up on August

Whew we have catching up to do !
In the past month, Kiara turned 2 months...

Time flies!!  Here's what you were up to by your big 2:
  • You began sleeping through the night and go 9 hours between feedings at night, then go right down again for another 2.5 hours!
  • You take 7-8 full feedings/day, about 15-20 minutes each.
  • You weigh 11lbs, 3 oz...22 inches....head circ 15"...all in the 50th percentile. You took your shots like a champ!
  • You wear a size 1 diaper
  • You're pretty much out of newborns and have moved into size 0-3 months, however on bottom you still wear newborns, you have a narrow little bottom half like your daddy!
  • You talk a lot, mimic daddy and love to have "conversations" with us
  • You are a super smiler and really want to laugh!
  • You still looooove bathtime, except the getting out part.  And you always poop on the towel.
  • Your hair is getting longer and you have one little hair that goes from the top down past your ear!
  • Your arm control was getting much better but you were still so active that we have to keep you wrapped up while you slept!
Also, we just got back from an eventful week long trip to San Diego!

We had our first shopping trip at the outlets in Carlsbad...
Nana and Papa came too..
You sat in Papa's chair (you love your bumbo)

We took some family outings..
Saw Grandma Be and Brad...

and visited Grandma June...

Stayed at Adam & Melissa's downtown digs..
tried to go to the Pad's game but the cheap seats were sold out...
views from their apartment...
took our first beach trip... you loved the bach but not the "cold" water (which was like 70 degrees haha)

and she's getting a tooth!  Hard to see here, but it's there!  It's cutting now and she is none too happy about it!
She can roll to her left side and back! Notice the swaddle is GONE yay!!

Aunt Michelle, Avery, and Aunt Melissa visited..

She got some great daddy bonding time!

Daddy got some great boarding time!

Mommy and Kiara got some great play time! (Notice my new Mommy ring...I love my husband and the story behind it!  It was Grandma Be's wedding set with Grandpa Hank's ring added, so beautiful!)
And nap time, ha!
Our family!
Sundance loved you and protected you the whole time we were there!
We had a real blast and a great month.  We are such a blessed family and we know it!  Casey passed Section E of his licensure exam WAHOO only three more to go babe!  You did it!!  So he's continuing to study like crazy while I try to get my feet under me with this whole stay at home mommy thing...it is SO challenging (especially not being fully healed yet :o(   )but SO rewarding!  Well my daughter is pooping so I better go take care of that. Congrats to Mike and Lisa on the birth of baby Tate, can't wait to see pictures!!


Congrats, Mich!

Congrats to my best friend Michelle and her husband Shaun who welcomed baby Vivianna Angelique Hoover on 7/31.  Can't wait to see her!!

We are doing great around here!  Kiara made it through her little spurt and is back to about 7.5-8 hour stretches of sleep at night.  This morning I actually had to wake her up after 8 hours to eat!  Then she eats and goes right back down for another great nap.  I can't believe how blessed we are!

I look cute in red!
For some reason all my big smiley pics come out blurry!

Here are some pics from Grammie and Pop's house!

I loooove my big cousin Lily!
Thanks for the Okie Cake, Auntie Brenda!
I got lots of great snuggle time with Grammie!
I had so much fun and can't wait to visit again!!

Thanks to my (Great) Aunt Peggy for sending me some super cute new threads!!
Daddy fixed my bouncy chair so now I can actually sit in it!

And here's me in action yesterday at 7 weeks old...don't mind Mommy's goofy baby talk!  I am very smiley and I also mimic my daddy when he rolls his tongue at me, I try to do it too!  (We are trying to catch that on video and will post it when we get it!)