Stuff has been going on but I don't have too many new pictures to prove it- I was telling Casey that we need to just leave our camera out so that we always remember to take pics.

On Sunday my mom, my sister and I took a girls trip with Kiara and Miley to San Luis Obispo to do a little shopping, both girls needed some winter clothes so we did our little quarterly trip to the Carter's outlet in Pismo.  Carters is my favorite.  The clothes are so cute and wash so well, and the sizing seems easier to figure out than with other places.  I have so many cute things from my sister in law from her daughter but I didn't have cold-weather clothes for the 3-6 month period and the weather is really starting to cool down!  Well, I spent double what I budgeted so I guess I did pretty well.  Ha!  At least Kiara is looking fab here at home.  My favorite purchase?  Legwarmers.  Goodness gracious.  I'll try to get them on her today and post some pictures but these things are just too precious!  

By the way....if you go to carters.com and sign up for their little club or newsletter or whatever it is, you will get coupons from them constantly.  Most of the time it is for 20% of $50 or more, but sometimes it is even better.  They will also send you coupons from osh kosh and sometimes gymboree.  This is great because whenever I go shopping there, I always have a coupon!  

Thanks girls for your recipe ideas, I'll have to check out tastebook.com Shannon that looked pretty good...my sister in law Michelle uses binders with the plastic sleeves like Leah suggested and that is super practical and neat so I may start there.  The thought that I would have a free day to type up all my recipes makes me laugh but I guess you never know!?  Maybe Kiara will get a wild hair and decide to take a long nap one day??  

I did a little photo shoot with Kiara...I plan to take them into Photoshop and make them all fancy but here is some raw footage for now...and check out the ultimate cuteness of her sleeping on her daddy after a long day in SLO!!


Need some ideas?

My recipes are a jumbled mess.  I have one binder full of scribbled notes, magazine articles, and craziness.  I really want to get it all nicely organized since I do a lot of cooking and am wondering if anyone out there has any good ideas on an organizer/system?  (PS my binder is hilarious.  It used to be this beautiful binder Casey's mom got me but then I accidentally set it on a hot burner so now it has a huge black burner imprint on the front.  I feel that the way my binder looks is very indicative of my cooking skills...it looks the way my brain thinks...all over the place.  Ha!)

I suppose I could make some cute little pages and type up the recipes but that would require being a girl who does not have a 3 month old.

Kiara is doing great, rolled from back to tummy today...goodness gracious I better watch out, she'll be crawling before I know it!!  She's also sucking her thumb....not sure how I feel about it but I have gotten 3 GREAT night's sleep where she hasn't made a peep cuz she just sticks that thumb in there!  She won't take a paci sooo...I guess it's okay for now (how would you make a 3 month old stop anyways? Haha)