Kiara has had so many people who love her stop in to see and snuggle her!  (Koss we're missing one of you so you better come hold her soon!)

Aunt Dana
Grandma burned the midnight oil and stayed at the hospital aaall night waiting for her to be born!
Aunt Jenny 
Uncle Chris


Our Pastor Joe and his wife Pam, and thanks to all of the members of our church who have been providing meals for us!!  What a blessing!!


Baby Avery, too!

Aunt Melissa

Aunt Michelle

Uncle Jeff

Miss Lily

and so many others!  Thank you for your cards, calls, encouragement and support.  We are so blessed to have you all!  We love you, and Kiara does, too!!

And congrats to Sarah for winning our baby guessing game!  Pretty great guessing!!

Smiles and Diapers and Spit Up, Oh My!

What a week!

This week has brought us such a new appreciation of each other and what it means to be a team!  We have been so blessed with a little girl who eats well and smiles a lot, and after some times of restlessness looks like is finally settling into a pattern.  Our lives are now made up of 2 1/2 hour chunks, haha!  She is now weighing in at over 8 pounds and looks like she is 20" long, not 20.5 like the hospital said.  She has thrush now because of some antibiotics that mommy is taking but it doesn't seem to be bothering her yet and we hope we get that cleared up soon!  She is an absolute angel and we go from feeling like she's been here forever to disbelief that we actually have a daughter!  She is so beautiful and we are learning a lot!

Hi Mommy is it time to eat yet?
She got aaaaall dolled up for Daddy on Father's Day...she can't wait to go cheer on the Pad's with him!  Happy Special Day, Sweetheart!  You are the most amazing Daddy EVER!  Kiara is so lucky to have you!!
Ten Tiny Toes...

She can't even get all the way in yet but she LOVES her bath- a water baby for sure, just like her Daddy!
Isn't our God amazing!!?

Sleep soundly, little angel!  We love you!


Kiara is Here!

Kiara Maureen Barnes has come to join us.  She came into this world on Sunday June 14th, 11:19 am.  Weighing 7 pounds 14 oz, and was 20.5 inches long.  She is beautiful and we feel so blessed to have her!!!
Mommy with her new daughter!
The best feeling in the World!!!!
Daddy's girl
The Barnes Family
Our beautiful girl!!


40 + 2

Still here waiting on baby!  Just a quick update, we saw the Doc yesterday and not too much more progress yet except that I am more effaced so that would put me at 1 cm, 80-90% effaced.  If she doesn't make her appearance by next week, we will head over to have a Non-Stress test to check on her on Tuesday morning and if everything's going well we'll induce Thursday morning the 18th.  Come on little one!!


39 1/2........

Still no baby!  We are hanging in there and getting a little impatient, getting so anxious to meet our sweetheart!  Here are some photos of the bassinet that my mom recovered to pass the time.  The bassinet came from Casey's sister Michelle...all of Casey's nieces and nephews have called this home so far, we just pinked it up a lil bit for Princess.

Good job, mama!