June 2008 San Diego Trip

We headed down to So Cal for Casey's Landscape Architecture Registration Exam. Two days of laying by the pool while my husband racked his brain and blurted out everything he ever learned about Grading and Drainage. We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Mission Inn in Riverside and had a wonderful time. Wahoo! I'm so proud of him :o)

After the grueling test, we headed down to SD for a little R & R with the fam, to celebrate Buzz's retirement and Father's Day. It was quite an adventure. Don't eat Greek food. Ever.

Unfortunately, Casey's dad suffered a retinal detachment before we got there, but by this modern medical marvel, and keeping his head at "9 o' clock," he's sure to be seeing clearer than ever.

Happy Retirement, Big Daddy!!!

The rest of our trip was awesome. A little sun and lots of fun- Casey drank about 3 gallons of salt water and got his fix for the time being. Hang Ten.
Check out the rad pics of our vacay here!

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