Play our Baby Game!!!

So there's only a couple of weeks left until we *hopefully* find out if Nugget is a he or a she, so we thought it would be fun to get all of your guesses in place!

We're encouraging everyone who checks our blog (even the lurkers-we all do it!) to click on the "PLAY OUR BABY GAME" Icon on the top of this post or the right of this page to enter your guesses for Nugget's gender, weight, length, birthday and birth time. Enter your name there so we know who guessed what. The person with the least points WINS, and the game gives points as follows:

Penalty Points:
Incorrect gender- 400 points!
Date & Time- 5 points per hour
Weight- 5 points per ounce
Length- 10 points per inch

Need some help?

Our due date is June 9, 2009.
Amy was born 11/13; 4:02 am; 6 pounds, 14 oz; about 20"- born close to due date
Casey was born 12/10; 8:08 am; 9 pounds, 1 oz; 21 1/2"- and he was 2 weeks early!!

So get to it, we can't wait to see everyone's votes!
Looks like the polls were heavily favored "boy"- let's see if everyone's right!

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