Catch-up...April 2009

35 weeks- I finished work!  I am now officially (well, Tuesday officially) a stay-at-home wife and mommy.  I couldn't be happier!  So I finally had time to update with more photos from April.  I'm feeling great for being this far along, getting a little more tired but SO excited to meet our daughter!  Casey's been a great support and we're joyously anticipating taking on our new roles- he's now an Official Bradley Method Coach, he has the whistle to prove it (which he will NOT be using while I'm in labor!).  We decided on the Bradley Method after a lot of research on natural birth.  The Bradley Method is a Husband-Coached childbirth method that focuses on natural pain relief methods- it really was so awesome!  Basically it teaches your hubby to be your Doula (doulo?? ha!)  It was a 12 week course and we learned SO much!  We feel totally prepared for a natural birth if everything goes well, and know we're doing what's best for Kiara!

ok- here's April in a nutshell!

Casey rocked out the furniture for Kiara's room.  I had the world's longest Honey-Do list for him.  He's pretty much done, only a couple little things left (well for now, somehow things keep getting added to it)!!  Her room looks RAD- it's AAAAALMOST done, I'll post as soon as we get it finished.

At the beginning of April, Casey drove down to SD, then visited our newest little niece Avery who was born March 30!!  I'm so bummed I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but soon enough she and Kiara will be bff's I'm sure!
We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on April 8th, then went to SLO for a wedding the weekend of the 18th.  We did all the awesome SLO stuff, hit up Farmer's Market, got our Peets, relived our first date (Mandarin Gourmet followed by the drive-in!  My first time going to a drive in was with Case on our first date so I LOVED it! PS- we saw Monsters vs Aliens...okay if you live in Fresno you have got to see it haha!)  We stayed at Jen & Chris's and got to watch Connor's t-ball game- he's an all-star for sure!
Kelsey June in all her glory- what a doll!  
We stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge for Weber's wedding- gorgeous place, even more gorgeous wedding.  Then we hit up Moonstone Beach for a little Maternity Photo session- Casey's photography is so rad.
The most killer view ever!  Oh yeah, the hills/ocean are pretty nice too.
The next weekend was my last rendezvous out so I went to Merced for Addie and Miley's first birthdays!  Got some great fam time.  Saw Lily's first game of the season, she did great!  She melts my heart.
Addie and Miley were so darling grubbin' on some ice cream cake...Addie didn't waste any time going for it while I had to convince my sis to let Miley get messy.  They are just TOO cute!

Addie knows what to do!
Miley's got it now..mmmmmm ice cream (that really sounds good!)
Other than that we're just getting ready!  Had a pedi this morning that was BADLY needed and was just heaven.  So at least if she comes in the next few weeks she won't have to look at chipped pink toenails.  Now they have little rhinestones on them.  Countdown's ON!!  We're so stoked!

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Dean Family said...

Sounds like you guys are definitely ready, and you look great by the way! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery. I will post some pics of of our nursery after baby is born since we are keeping the name a secret...now that you are off I hope you are able to relax some.