Kiara has had so many people who love her stop in to see and snuggle her!  (Koss we're missing one of you so you better come hold her soon!)

Aunt Dana
Grandma burned the midnight oil and stayed at the hospital aaall night waiting for her to be born!
Aunt Jenny 
Uncle Chris


Our Pastor Joe and his wife Pam, and thanks to all of the members of our church who have been providing meals for us!!  What a blessing!!


Baby Avery, too!

Aunt Melissa

Aunt Michelle

Uncle Jeff

Miss Lily

and so many others!  Thank you for your cards, calls, encouragement and support.  We are so blessed to have you all!  We love you, and Kiara does, too!!

And congrats to Sarah for winning our baby guessing game!  Pretty great guessing!!

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SDFilice's said...

That is so exciting that the whole family came to see her. Congratulations on your little blessing. You too look like you are doing great. We hope that we get to meet her soon. Love you all!!
The Filices