1 Month!

Kiara is 1 Month Old Today!


You are the joy of our hearts and we still cannot fathom that you are our precious little girl.  God has blessed us immensely with you.  You are so beautiful and we are just head over heels in love with you.

About You- 1 month Highlights!
-At your last appointment 3 weeks ago you were 8 lbs, 2 oz., 20 inches long.  We figure you're around 9 pounds now.  You are getting SO big, but you're still SO small!
-Your eyes are still blue and we think they might stay that way.
-You still wear newborn sized diapers.  We have cheated and put you in 1's when we run out, but you're swimming in them!
-You still wear newborn sized clothes but are starting to get into some 0-3's now.
-You are the most alert baby we've ever seen.  Many people who've met you have used the same word to describe you!  You are just so curious and are soaking everything in, you just want to know everything that's going on!
-Because you are so alert, you fight your sleep like crazy!  You try so so hard to stay awake until you finally conk out!
-You are an amazing nighttime baby (last night excluded, you had a yucky tummy it wasn't your fault, but you still slept great!)  Mommy is only up with you ONCE!  You usually go down to sleep around 10 and give us a 4-5 hour stretch (sometimes a little more!).  Then Mommy feeds and changes you, and you go right back down for another 3-4 hours.  Thank you, Babywise!
-You smile a lot for such a little girl.  In fact you smiled for Mommy and Daddy right away in the hospital.  But now you are starting to smile responsively to us instead of just randomly and we LOVE it!
-You are becoming more vocal and starting to give us lots of coohs and cute little noises!
-You are using your hands a lot more and seem to be aware that they are attached to you now.  Sometimes you will grab something by accident and hold on to it.  You'll hold onto a toy for a little bit.
-You are still fighting thrush and taking your ICKY medicine that you take like a champ even though the very taste makes you gag!  We hate giving it to you but we're almost done!
-You absolutely hate the nose aspirator.  We can pretty much do whatever else to you and you won't flinch, but you just scream your head off when we have to suck out the mocos!
-Your favorite thing in the world is bathtime.  You just get really quiet and content and enjoy every second of it!  You also love getting wrapped up tight in a robe or towel afterward!
-You are still in your bassinet because the yucky medicine makes your tummy upset, but after you're done, you'll be moving to your crib where you love to nap now!

We love you and are so excited but sad to watch you grow so quickly! 

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Julie Cannon said...

you guys are adorable and she is so pretty it shouldn't be allowed!