Need some ideas?

My recipes are a jumbled mess.  I have one binder full of scribbled notes, magazine articles, and craziness.  I really want to get it all nicely organized since I do a lot of cooking and am wondering if anyone out there has any good ideas on an organizer/system?  (PS my binder is hilarious.  It used to be this beautiful binder Casey's mom got me but then I accidentally set it on a hot burner so now it has a huge black burner imprint on the front.  I feel that the way my binder looks is very indicative of my cooking skills...it looks the way my brain thinks...all over the place.  Ha!)

I suppose I could make some cute little pages and type up the recipes but that would require being a girl who does not have a 3 month old.

Kiara is doing great, rolled from back to tummy today...goodness gracious I better watch out, she'll be crawling before I know it!!  She's also sucking her thumb....not sure how I feel about it but I have gotten 3 GREAT night's sleep where she hasn't made a peep cuz she just sticks that thumb in there!  She won't take a paci sooo...I guess it's okay for now (how would you make a 3 month old stop anyways? Haha)


Andrea said...

I have a great idea! Go to mypublisher.com and make a book. I just got an email from them giving the recipe book idea. All you'd have to do is choose the type of book, type in the recipes and they will make it for you. It's easy! You can also make all sorts of other books too, it's a very cool site! Glad to hear Kiara is doing well and you are getting your sleep! Hugs! :)

Coldani Family said...

Great question, Ill keep checking back to see if you have any good responses. I need one too, I have a jumbled binder as well, and notecards everywhere. The mypublisher is great but wont allow you to add any more and I always like to add more. Any good recipes you'd like to share?? Tell KC hello!
Hope you and your darling little one are doing well!!

Shannon said...


You make type in your recipies, add your own photos, and they print and ship it to you. You can add more pages as you ad recipies, just type up the new recipies and they print and ship. We got one for my Mother-in-Law for mothers day...she loved it.

PS...I can't remember where I stumbled on your blog from..Lamberts lately I think, but I have been following for a while and think your daughter is absolutely adorable!!


Matt and Leah said...

I love checking in to get updates on little Kiara, she is such a princess! :)

I would put them into those plastic sheet protectors mixed with binder dividers to organize the recipes so that you don't have to type up or rewrite everything! In a few months (or years!) you could get around to making it more fancy but that might help for the time being! :)