Oops....Catching up...

First of all....welcome baby Madelyn Grace Becker!!!!
She was born October 28th at 9:02 pm weighing in at 8 lbs, 3 oz and 19.5" long.
Congrats, Becker Family!!

We headed over to Templeton right away to join in on the action...so nice for Kiara to see Nana and Papa and aunt and uncle and cousins!!
Casey's parents recently celebrated their 40th anniversary with a cruise to Europe.  Congrats!!
What would a trip to SLO be without a little High Street Deli?
Oh yeah I promised you a picture of the legwarmers....
Here are some pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch!  We had sooo much fun parading around with our little girl.  We can't wait until she's running around picking out her own pumpkin!
She's so tiny!

You know me and Casey hit up the super slide before we left...I'm not sure we really are adults yet.
John & Stef Umscheid brought Jaxton over for dinner...he is such a doll!!
Kiara turned 4 months old...we had to hold her in place to keep her from...
doing this.
4 month highlights!
  • You are in size 2 diapers
  • Still in 3 month clothes
  • Becoming quite the little princess.  You have upped the ante on the non-napping.  Ahhh.
  • Teething teething teething!
  • Rolling all over the place
  • Digging those toes in, trying to crawl!
  • Getting close to sitting up!
  • 13 1/2 lbs, 24" long, 16" head circ!  Growing growing growing!!
  • Laughing and smiling more and more
  • Showing us more of your personality...you are one SPUNKY kid!
  • Still sleeping well at night!
  • Still only on momma's milk!
She is SUCH a sweetie and we are so so blessed to have her!

So in other news, last Monday I had a root canal, Tuesday Casey badly sprained his ankle and was in the ER all night and now on crutches, Wednesday Jenny had her baby and we headed over to the coast...so Saturday we were just pooped.  Needless to say, Halloween passed us by this year so we unfortunately did not get Kiara in her butterfly costume.  We will have to wait until next year!!

IN OTHER NEWS....I have an announcement to make!  

I am opening my own ETSY store to sell my name signs, bow holders, hair bows, and all that good stuff.  I will post the link once I'm up and running in the next couple weeks but keep me in mind for your holiday shopping!!!!

Take care!!  I'll be catching up with more soon!


Dean Family said...

Great update...Kiara is such a doll- she is gorgeous! Please let me know when you have your esty link up. I have a friend having a baby girl in a couple months and would love to get something for her personalized!

Dean Family said...

Hey there again Amy- can I get your email address? I want to talk to about making a bow holder for my friend. Thanks so much!