This thing is the best invention since sliced bread.  It is my lifeline right now.  While I was in Merced my niece got a hold of it and pushed some of the buttons and I could have died! Haha.  Maybe I should fast from the Itzbeen, its value is of so much importance to me right now!!  If you don't know what it is, when you have a little baby you write down all kinds of information all over the place like how long it's been since baby's last feeding, bowel movements, medicine, etc etc.  Not to mention that at the very beginning you need to wake your baby up to feed her in the middle of the night sometimes.  Well this thing is basically a timer of how long "itzbeen" since the last feeding, nap, diaper change, *miscellaneous (I used this for me and Kiara's medications).  Each setting has its own alarm that will go off after a certain amount of time you set.  It has a PERFECT little nightlight which is great for checking on baby and setting her down without turning on the lights.  Also has a little switch on it so you can remember which side you started nursing on last (I can NEVER remember!)  I pretty much just use the feeding, meds and nursing switch now but at the beginning the poopy diaper thing would have been helpful!

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