3 Months!

Kiara, you turned 3 months old yesterday!!  Here's what you're up to these days!!
  • You're ROLLING!!  Not just to your side, but from your tummy all the way over to your back. I believe this is a 5 month milestone.  You had it conquered at 11 weeks, and you can do it to your left and your right sides.  This is very fun but makes mommy nervous as I think you may be an early mover.  I like you just fine in one spot!!  But I'll take it...big girl! These are from my phone so the quality is probably stinky.
  • You're LAUGHING!!  Mommy was having a crazy day and you started talking to me so cute, so I decided to video you and send it to daddy.  Well, as soon as I pressed record...THIS happened.....!!
  • You're still figuring out the whole laugh thing but every now and then you will just laugh randomly!  When we went to visit Grammie last weekend you saw her and just started busting up, and during the Charger game last night daddy was holding you on his knee and you just started laughing again!
  • You like to look at yourself in the mirror now.  You make yourself smile and laugh.  It is veeeery cute!
  • You can grab thing now.  Especially your dress to stick in your mouth and chew on.
  • No tooth yet but it's definitely coming.  You have your fussy days where you just can't get enough of chomping on your hand.
  • You found your feet!  You love to grab them but they haven't made it to your mouth just yet!
  • I must mention that you rolled over, found your feet, and had your first giggle all in one day.  It was very adventurous!
  • You're still in 3 month clothes but the bottoms are still big on  your tiny little waist.
  • You're still in size 1 diapers.
  • You have very tiny feet.
  • Your hair is getting long and the new growth is a lighter brown...we'll see!  I love the way it sticks up no matter what I do.  It is the Kate Gosselin look.
  • Your eyes are still blue but have a few spots of color coming in...think they'll still be blue though, again...we'll see!!
  • You take 6-7 feedings a day (7 since you're on your 3 month spurt now).  
  • You still sleep all night but you do not like to take long naps during the day.  You're a chronic 30 minute napper and that's all there is to it!!
  • You are so smiley and happy and you are the joy of me and your daddy's lives.  We're crazy about you!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is getting so big, I can't believe it. I love the blog. Keep up the updates they rock.