Shaver Lake & Beckers Visit!

Friday before last we decided to head to Shaver Lake for the day to do a little hiking!  The hiking didn't work out too well...the BOB stroller was a little to big for the tiny little trail we were on that was covered in poison oak and Kiara was none too thrilled!  But we got out anyway and enjoyed some fresh mountain air!
Casey was concerned about how he'd look with the Baby Bjorn but I thought it was adorable! Hahaha!
My 2 favorite people!
Then that Sunday the Beckers came for a visit!!  Jenny is about 34 weeks now I think and she looks amaaaazing!  We can't wait for baby #3 to arrive!
We hung out by the pool for a while..

I love this photo of Connor.
Kelsey June in all her glory
Mama-to-be with my baby girl
Cousin Love
Had a great time!

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